One of the most common mistakes new traders make is to focus too much on finding winning trades instead of becoming good traders.

It's not uncommon for novices to spend most of their time researching fundamental or technical analysis in search of a profitable trading setup. Some even copy other traders' ideas and systems without learning much about the rationale behind them. They are always looking for ways to trade rather than identifying their strengths and weaknesses and trading on the skills they have.

What they don't understand is good trading habits that help them win trades, not a few wins.

Self-improvement, self-improvement activities like trade logging, or setting up specific rules and directing ourselves to them will help us become a more stable profitable trader with simply trying hard to find good trade setups.

A successful boxer does not start his career by entering as many competitions as possible in the hope that experience will help him become a better athlete.

First, he spent hours in the practice room conditioning his body, memorizing "combos", various beatings, and correcting his weaknesses before officially entering the ring. Then, equipped with the basic knowledge and experience learned from his matches, he will make the appropriate adjustments until he becomes unbeaten in his weight class.

Now, imagine if a boxer was more interested in winning matches than being a good athlete. He will just work hard to challenge as many opponents as possible without thinking too much about his training. (The Chinese punchers in the past were trying to challenge a lot of other fists without even thinking about it. practice, leading to catastrophic failures)

Traders face the same scenario every day, many too focused on their balances, on "winning" small trades, so that one day, their accounts load. Fire. They don't put much effort into improving their skill set and over time their trading skills will be limited to the setups they normally do, leaving them in a vicious cycle.

Focusing on the process rather than profit can equip you with more experience to handle any situation. It also helps you reduce trade anxiety, giving you more control over current affairs than future profits or losses.

Finally, there is a CRAZY CRAZY statement that is very useful: You win not because you have the best cards, but the way you handle the cards you are dealt with.

Focus on being a good trader and money will flow into your pocket!