What is your purpose when trading?

Think about this question for a moment: how many professional traders or fund managers do you use other trader's signals to profit from the market?

Because each of them had to put in a lot of effort to get where they are right now. They believe that there is never a free lunch and they do not trust betting their future in the hands of strangers. Their success requires them to train through years of battle in the market.

But, do signal services require you to make an effort? No. of course.

So you need to clearly define your purpose when trading is. If you choose a professional, your Trader path will be tougher but more reliable, since you know what you are doing and what you will get in the future.

The signal may not be suitable for your personality

Just as each person has a unique personality, trading has many different types. Typically, a scalp trader thinks differently from a swing trader, one likes to eat short-term, the other likes to follow the market's waves. What happens when you copy signals from a trader that doesn't match your trading style? You will be at odds with the way you trade, so you won't be successful at trading either.

Copy Signal proves that you are irresponsible to Trading

When you trade on your own you will find that it takes a lot of time and effort to analyze and make your own trading decisions. So accountability plays a very important role here. When you choose to trade with Signal, you have entrusted your account to someone else.

You can make the final decision to buy or sell, but do you really know why you're buying or selling when it's time to enter the order?

Probably not, and it's just as dangerous as you don't control that signal to give you commands. You can see the countless number of signal services leaving reviews like: "signal Xyz made me lose more than 800 pips" or "I just lost 1500 due to trading according to Xyz signal". If those signals do allow you to control the trade before buying or selling, then why are the aforementioned traders still losing money?

When trading, the only person you can criticize is none other than yourself. There is no other way but to take responsibility for everything you are doing, not only trading but also in your personal life.

The only way you can beat the market is to have a good trading system, understand its rules, and understand what market conditions your trading system is not working well. This is not easy to achieve if you copy other people's signals while trading the way you want. Or if you learn how to trade with other people this is even worse because their trading style may not be suitable for your trading style. Copy signals are just as bad as if you change constantly from system to system.

In short, signal signals to copy trade are a good way to make money from the market. You may be lucky to find a service that provides a good signal, but what's more important is that using a signal doesn't help you if you want to trade professionally. You have to move, spend a lot of time and effort, there is no other way for you to truly be successful.