Out of all the moving averages, the most common one used in technical analysis is the 200 SMA. Even the financial news channels will have technical discussions based on this. This 200 SMA.

The 200 SMA is the largest signal line that many traders and traders keep track of whether the buyers or sellers are in control of the market and will become support or resistant. Even legendary trader Paul Tudor Jones mentioned the 200 SMA in his lessons and trading experience.

The second most popular moving average is the 50 SMA Moving Average. This moving average is a key factor in a strategy for many investors and traders, even legendary stock trader William J. O ' Neil also used the 50 SMA to trade. The 50 SMA, sometimes used in the CAN SLIM method, buys the top stock during a bull run and the 50 SMA is ascending. As shown below:

The third most used moving average is the 10 EMA. There are a lot of day traders who use the 10 EMA in trading.

The EMA 10 and 50 EMA or 30 EMA crossovers are important for trend traders. At the same time, the 10 EMA is also used to identify your stop loss in swing trading. The 10 EMA is also mentioned by legendary trader Marty Schwartz:

On weekly charts, the most commonly used moving averages are usually the MA 10 and MA 50 moving averages. Because they are very similar to the MA 50 and MA 200.

In summary, the moving averages used the most by traders are SMA 200, SMA 50, EMA 10.