1. Focus on well-defined, potential markets

This is not a new principle, but many traders have not really applied this well. Traders often lose patience while waiting for trading opportunities or finding the right market conditions to trade, while they are easily tempted by markets that are not potential. So, everyone knows to focus on market conditions that suit the strengths and trading style of a trader, but not everyone can do this.

Julian Komar has been following this principle for many years, and as a result, he focused on trading in good markets, which is also one of the reasons why he made money in the stock market.

2. Trading synchronously with the major market trend

Again a familiar principle. But apparently, a lot of traders overlook this factor. Many traders only focus on one trading frame and when they need to exist, they don't exist, when they need to enter, they don't. When we lose money, it's also the reason we don't test the big trend of the market.

3. Allocate volume to your exit order for a trade

This is one of the ways to help Julian Komar manage transactions effectively. He breaks down the volume for the entry and exit points as well. He is flexible in deciding the volume for a strategy. Naturally, this technique also requires the trader to be skilled and understand how to evaluate the quality of the strategy.

4. Let the profits keep running

There are times when traders need to take profits right away. There are times when traders need to move their stop losses to increase their profits. Knowing how to evaluate trends, analyze the context as well as have good capital management skills can traders really increase profits effectively.

5. Do not bottom catch

Catching top and bottom fishing is an attractive trading technique for many traders. Because bottom fishing can bring great profits. But in fact, this way of trading has created many troubles for traders. Because catching bottom fishing tops, traders must accept continuous stop loss until catching right. But in the process, many traders fall into the mentality that causes them to make many wrong decisions, leading to heavy losses.