Peter Brandt is considered a legendary trader with 40 years of steadily profitable trading and has made a fortune through market speculation. He is famous for his method of using the classic price model to predict and devise trading strategies, in addition, Peter Brandt is also famous for his brief, concise but valuable lessons.

1, A perfect example of a cat jump to death after 32 consecutive days of the drop. The best way to trade is to buy the strongest member of a market type and sell the weakest member. Do not buy into the weakest member and expect it to rally to $ XRPBTC

2. There is only one surefire way to learn to speculate in the market

Endure and exceed the required number of loss orders while keeping your capital

Traders can only learn through losses

The worst thing that happens to a young trader is that he/she starts off with big wins.

3.We are seeing decades-long bull markets in assets/goods (stocks, metals, real estate, consumer goods, services).

A correlated bear market in the dollar?

The majority of assets increase in value due to the depreciation of the dollar

A bear on the stock market must be a bull on the dollar market.

4, A message to young traders (young in age and inexperience)

It takes 3 to 5 years to learn the knowledge and create the only way you can apply it to trade in the market.

If you can do that in 1-2 years then congratulations, you've beaten the academic curve.

Trading is a marathon, not a sprint.

And compound interest is a miracle in that race.

How about your journey?

5, People are easily tempted to create market-relevant scenarios / correlations.

"If oil goes up / down then Gold has to decrease/increase and stocks must go up / down and so on ..."