Countbars: maximum number of candles detected (default 0 = all).

Display distance: The distance from candles to the sign (smiley face), default is 5, increasing or decreasing for easy viewing.

UseAlert: Alerts when a matching pin bar appears (default true = yes).

UseEmailAlert: Similar to UseAlert but more advanced, email alerts (false = no default).

UseCustomSetting: Allows the use of additional conditions (as described below) in pin bar detection (false = no default).

Identification conditions (advanced):

CustomMaxNoseBodySize: The ratio of the candle body / shadow (default 1/3 ~ 0.33).

Custom NoseGay Position:
Requires the body of the candle to lie completely on the top/bottom (default 0.4).

CustomLeftEyeOppositeDirection: Requiring the preceding candlestick to be as opposed to the pin bar candlestick, for example, the preceding candle should be a bullish candle for bearish pin bar, and vice versa (default true = yes).

CustomeNoseSameDirection: requires pin bar candlestick to match the model (default true = yes).

CustomNoseBodyInsideLeftEyeBody: Requires the body of the pin bar candle to be in the body of the previous candle, ie there is no gap (false = no default).

Custom Left Yemen BodySize: Requirements about the length of the candle body compared to the shadow of the previous candle (default 0.1).

Custom Nose Protruding: Requirements for protruding level of pin bar candle shadow compared to the previous candle (default 0.5).

CustomNoseBodyToLeftEyeBody: The maximum length of the pin bar body compared to the previous candle (default 1).

CustomNoseLengthToLeftEyeLength: Minimum length of pin bar candles relative to the preceding candle (default 0).

Custom Left Eye Depth: Requirements for the depth of the pin bar candle compared to the previous candle (default 0.2).

Note: This is a tool to assist in determining the standard pinbar, not the entry criteria. You should have a strategy of entering the order using the pin bar with specific criteria.