As shown in the example in the figure, if you have placed a buy pending order in the demand zone, you will encounter a situation where the price crashes through the demand zone without hesitation. Needless to say, you also know how frustrated you are when you often lose money with this trading style.

As a general rule, at times like that, this supply-demand area is weak, there is some problem with the supply-demand area chosen ... and go and find a way to draw the supply-demand area more accurately, search for more information on price action until you realize you were on the wrong direction in the first place.

When your trading goal is to be comfortable, have passive income, blah blah financial freedom ... you didn't think to study price behavior at the moment the market enters the supply-demand zone. Until you switch to new positions you are forced to watch the market more, which is very difficult for many newcomers to enter the market.

Placing pending orders, you assumed that you could guess the direction of the market. This in turn is a great paradox. No one can predict the direction of the market, everything traders call analysis only estimates whether you use fundamental or technical analysis.

Price action in the supply-demand area

Trade price action in the supply-demand area requires you to prepare two things:

Firstly, you need to have knowledge of supply-demand areas.

Second, you need to capture price reversal patterns in the supply-demand zone. And this is the main content of the series with an illustrative example of a pin bar and an engulfing candle.