When trading with Price Action, the first important point to grasp is the trend

Trading with any method is fine, not only with Price Action, or trading with any market, not only, the first thing we need to know is the market trend at the moment. - trend. So how do we determine the market trend with Price Action? It is using market-generated highs.

A very basic definition of technical analysis in financial markets of trend is that "an uptrend is caused by higher price highs and higher price lows, and downward trends are caused by trends in trends. lower highs and lower lows.

After determining a trend, price action traders will have to earn entry points for the forward or against the trend

It should be clear that if the market trend is strong, then trade in a forward trade, if the market trend has weakened then the trade can be reversed.

In short, how is the entry point in a transaction with price action determined?

Equal to price action, of course - price action - yes. That action is represented by price patterns or candlestick patterns.

Another famous price action model is the Inside Bar.

Another famous price action model is the Fakey model, apparently popularized by Learntotradethemarket's Nial Fuller.

Price Action Trader's "cool" move is to trade with False Break. Research on False Break, you can read more about Upthrust and Spring, both of which are great moves of False Break.