SAND is having a very strong correction after hitting $0.16 zone and $0.07-0.075 zone is a support zone we can trust at the moment for a recovery or even a new rally to $0.18 zone in February

0.11$ zone is a very strong resistance zone and we need to pay attention to this zone




👉Feb 11 : Public LAND Sale Wave #1

👉Feb 26 : Liquidity Mining Pool End

 👉Dec 31 : Foundation DAO Launch

👉Dec 31 : Game Maker 1.0 Release


-Buy: 0.07-0.075$. SL B👉✅370%

-Buy: 0.105-0.11$ if A. SL B👉✅230%


-Sell: 0.105-0.11$. SL A👉❌CANCELED

-Sell: 0.18-0.19$. SL A👉❌CANCELED


-Sell: 0.07-0.075$ if B. SL A

-Buy: 0.05-0.055$. SL B


Condition A : "If 1D candle closes ABOVE this zone"

Condition B : "If 1D candle closes BELOW this zone"

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