Peter Brandt is a witch trader. He received the title of Trader's Witch - Market Wizards - because he was interviewed and endorsed by the author Jack Schwager in a series of books of the same name, specializing in writing about real traders. , has achieved impressive and stable trading achievements. Peter Brandt has made a return of about 60% during his decades of a trading career. Peter Brandt's forte is to use pure technical analysis, and he uses the Chart Pattern - the main tool. On his Twitter, he shares great analysis, advice, and lessons.

The model that the witch Peter Brandt mentioned is the Inverse Head and Shoulder model (noted by Peter as H&S bottom). But the model is not unique, but unique in the product that Peter is drawing the chart, that is ... (cow dung). Yes, the full text of Peter Brandt's tweet is "bullish view on cow dung. The possibility of forming an Inverse Head and Shoulder".

This tweet gives us a few good points:
  • There are very unique commodity products on this market, besides basic things like cotton, jute, thorns, coffee, pork, milk ... Cow manure - cow dung - in the above case is an example. Many places are trading this cow dung such as India, China, UK, Australia ...
  • Technical analysis can be applied to commodities traded. If anyone hears technical analysis for cow dung sounds funny, the case of Peter Brandt mentioned above is really surprising. And with a "person in the lake" for a long time and a reputation like Mr. Brandt, we don't need to teach or joke with him about #PTKT.
  • Technical analysis is really useful and can be used independently, no fundamental analysis required. Peter Brandt is proof. He trades and commodities using only Technical Analysis, and he succeeds. And what will the cow dung trade he's charting be like