1. Too much trading

A lot of traders lose money because of over-trading. The market can generate many signals, but not always have quality signals. So, if traders want to improve their trading results, then focusing on quality signals will also help improve trading results. The trading results are improved, the sentiment will be much better.

Less trading will give traders more time to analyze and review the market. The spirit is more intelligent. Managing tradings is also easier. Later, the trading sentiment will improve.

2. No capital management

Lack of capital management can be a zero-stop, high volume trading, no trading management plan, etc. Whatever the reason, not managing capital is one of the top factors that make traders lose money. The mentality of a trader is not going to work well if losses are constant.

So, if the cause of loss comes from not managing capital, traders need to stop trading until they have a serious capital management plan for the trading process.

Capital management not only helps traders protect their accounts and profits, but it also helps traders become more comfortable. In the long run, psychology will gradually stabilize.

3. Failure to keep trading principles

It is not possible to have consistent profits, even constant losses, if a trader trades undisciplined. The principle is that what makes a method dog work in the right direction, if the trader does not comply, it is understandable that the profit from the trader method will not be made.

Keeping the trading principles will help traders get rid of many unnecessary losses, focus more on quality signals, and the trading results will also be better. Psychology of that reason will also gradually stabilize.