A good trading system is:

1. A trading system with a good RR ratio, ie a large profit and a small loss for a trade. Such a trading system will help traders get profits in the long term. It allows traders to capture trends in order to get a big profit when given the opportunity.

2. A trading system that does not require regular market monitoring.

3. The trading system produces signals for late-day trading rather than daily signals. That way, we can both backtest, learn and grasp the way of trading but still have plenty of time to do other things.

4. Pay attention to the trading system focusing on the big picture and the long-term trend in the market, so that can filter many noise signals during the trading.

5. A trading system is more efficient with a D1 chart than an hourly or even a minute one.

6. Focus more on systems that are primarily based on price action rather than trying to explain the direction of the market based on basic information or individual subjective thinking.

7. Simple transaction system. Make a profit over the years just by using price action combining moving averages to capture trends, or the RSI to catch rallies to follow the trend.

8. An easy system to manage capital and transactions. Setting a limit is trading up to 3 orders at a time to limit risk.

9. Trading signals use moving averages to capture trends or use RSI to capture rallies.