Large Cash Flows - Moving levels

In the market, large cash flow is what moves the market in the long run. The most important people with the ability to move large cash flows are the Fed, the central banks around the world, their quantitative easing, interest rate decisions, money supply, and possible monetary policy. creating an incentive for the market to move. Central banks move markets with liquidity through money flowing through banking systems.

The second level is the accumulation and distribution of assets by investment funds, financial institutions, investment banks, hedge funds, and traders with large capital, they are the main driving force of movement of the market in the short term.

When money managers accumulate stocks in large numbers that create a long-term bull market when selling and distributing stocks in large quantities can cause a bear market to continue.

Large Money Flow - Signs of Big Money Move

Here are the signs that large cash flow is moving in a certain direction and that we should go in that direction to make a profit.

1, Higher highs-higher highs are indicative of accumulation:
When the Large Cash Flow is going upwards, the most obvious sign they are leaving is higher highs-lows on the price chart. This is simply following the trend, ie following the Big Cashflow.

2, Lower highs-lower lows are indicative of distribution:

Similarly, when large hedge funds distribute an asset, it will leave the lower highs and lower lows of that asset on the chart.

3, The cumulative price in the demand zone is a sign of an increasing Big Cash Flow:

A demand zone or a support with an accumulative price that cannot be broken is a sign of a bullish Big Money Flow. In this area, large funds are building long positions of the asset that cannot fall lower.

4, The cumulative price in the supply zone is a sign of a decreasing Big Cash Flow:

Large funds are selling (distributing) assets in the supply zone, making it impossible for the market to go higher, ie a sign of a large cash flow falling.

5, The increasing volume in an uptrend is a sign of the Big Cash flow going up:

Big hands are accumulating assets inevitably leaving signs of volume - trading volume increases gradually.

6, The increasing volume in a downtrend is a sign of the Big Money Flow going down

7, Market share of assets:

For example, a chart of increased Bitcoin (BTC dominance) market share shows more money is flowing into BTC than altcoins.