The first thing in the trading mindset of this system is that you should not follow any document or method while learning the system until you are stable or no longer like to study Woodies. You cannot practice this method diligently if you are thinking about the method.

Second, absolutely do not trade for real money until you fully understand Woodies and feel confident with what you trade on the demo account.

Third, when it fails, there should be no doubt that this system is ineffective. It doesn't work because of a variety of factors: rule disobedience, market uncertainty, current trader sentiment, and so on, as long as you are persistent and disciplined. . It is normal to beat 10 to 5. Continue to be as persistent as you are in the day to pursue your current job.

The Woodies CCI system is designed to solve all the difficulties in a trader's trading decision, including when to enter, when to exit, manage the trade, when to take profit, how to protect. profits, ways not to trade too much, how to control emotions and reconsider traders' decisions, ... It gives you everything you need to trade.

Fourth, do not adjust any rules in Woodies CCI system, because this is a system built by experts. The rules are laid down for reasons behind it. You can customize it your way unless you have mastered it and feel the change is right for you.

Here are some ways to be able to master the Woodies CCI system:
  1. View graphs and practice detecting Woodies CCI patterns regularly.
  2. Waiting, watching. Continue to wait. Continue to wait. Don't watch the price too much, don't think about it.
  3. When you see the Woodies CCI entry signal, react and enter with 1 stop loss according to clear rules.
  4. Continue to wait, continue to follow. Don't watch the price too much, don't think about it.
  5. When you see the exit signal, you must respond immediately by exiting, don't wait
  6. Go back to step 1.
You should always ask yourself three things in mind when trading:
  1. What do the Woodie CCI patterns look like?
  2. What are Woodies CCI entry signals?
  3. What is Woodies CCI exit signal?
It's as simple as that. Other systems try to be complicated, sometimes not so obvious, sometimes confusing and confusing. For Woodies, dharma is simply three things and needs you to put it in your mind.

If you find it too simple and want to add a little salt to sugar, do not recommend doing so. If you complicate it, you will destroy your trading goals and lose the Woodies' advantage. Remember, the simpler the better.