With other candlestick patterns, you can use the rule of candle combinations to explain

An example uses association rule to explain a Morning Star or Morning Doji Star candlestick pattern

After executing the association rule, you understand Morning Star as an extension of the bullish pin bar (bullish pin bar) pattern.

Or with the candle pattern, Dark Cloud Cover is also an extension of the reduced pin bar.

However, using the association rule doesn't mean you won't be using the basic candlestick patterns. In many cases, the pinbar and engulfing candlestick pattern alone is not enough to describe all market reversals, then you will need names like Dark Cloud Cover, Doji, Morning Star ... Knowledge of candlestick patterns will help you quickly detect market reversals, but only if you understand the rule behind the reversal of candlestick patterns is from changes in buying and selling pressure, candlestick patterns will It doesn't matter anymore.

The problem only appears when having a pattern that is not important to him but is still used by Traders when trading, for example, the Harami candlestick pattern.

Harami is a candlestick pattern in the form of a small real body surrounded by a previous large real candle. Harami is a reversal candlestick pattern, but if you use the rule of candlestick combination, you will find that this is a bullish candlestick pattern (if it is a bearish harami as shown on the chart).

Candlestick patterns like the Harami do not give you a signal of reversal because they do not essentially change the trading pressure in the market. With this candlestick pattern, the small next candlestick means that neither Trader is losing money or the number of losers is not enough to make a “difference” in the market. there will be a possibility of a high reversal with this candlestick pattern.

Many of the candlestick patterns in trade books are similar to Harami. There is no candlestick pattern that explains to Traders why the candlestick pattern was formed or the proportion of traders trading in those patterns. Many books only guide trading candlestick patterns with trading rules that are easy to make traders mistake when trading.