1. Use the moving average

Moving average is the most basic technical indicator that is easiest to use when trading in the main direction of the market. Many brothers believe that the price crossing with the Moving Average is a sign that the market has a change in trend. If you are a trend trader it is entirely possible to rely on this signal to exit the market. As shown below:

There are also many brothers who use the crossover of two different moving averages to determine a trend change. If the slow-moving average crosses the fast-moving average from top to bottom, the market shows signs of a downtrend. And vice versa, if the slow-moving average crosses the fast-moving average from the bottom up, the market shows signs of turning into an uptrend. As shown below:

If you don't know how to take profit, it's fine to rely on simple signals from the moving average. Child rather than laying indiscriminately for enough procedures.

2. Market structure

Maybe the take profit point is still vague, at least, trading with the trend needs to understand how to determine the trend. To recall a bit about the bull market structure of the market is as follows:

As for the uptrend, the market will form a higher high after the previous bottom and vice versa. A bearish market structure will form a lower high after the previous low. As shown below:
If you see a trend that does not meet either of these conditions or even breaks the market structure, then this is the time to exit the market.

Just these two basic techniques, traders can easily find the right take profit point for their strategy.

Of course, these 2 techniques are for those who do not know how to determine the exit point. In the long run, when trading skills are better, then the trader should be able to have multiple confirmations for a quality take profit point.