# 1 How money is defined

Basically, we have 3 characteristics.

The first trait is how they define money, or rather how they think about money.

For example, if you think money is something dirty your income will be 8% less than what you are looking for.

If you think the main money is "..." (to be revealed later), your income will increase on average by about 6%.

In other words, your income depends on your definition of money.

Now let me ask you a question: What is money to you? What do you think money is? Take a minute for yourself and think about it.

Think money is a tool? Or credit? What do you want to make money for? Think about it now!

In fact, based on Statistics in the US, those ranked in the top 2.5% earning the highest, think money is "freedom" for them. Money is for freedom. So, if you think money is a tool or something to help you get free then OK, you have a better chance of making money.

On the contrary, those who think that money is for power, or money is a symbol of power, they will use a lot of money to express their wishes and leave nothing. Or those who are too scared to use money, just want to continue saving, do not tend to become rich, because they may miss investment opportunities, or waste their time.

So, those who think that money is about freedom, tend to make more money. This is characteristic # 1.

# 2 Financial literacy

The second characteristic that the wealthy often possess is education.

It is not only about which university they graduated from, but also about logical thinking ability. In addition, when they are young, they tend to learn about finance and financial literacy. So, arguably, knowledge of finance will help you become financially successful, rather than just learning to get some certifications or read some books to improve yourself.

In short, the # 2 trait of people with money is financial literacy and is also an important factor to own. If you don't know your finances, you might run into problems with money.

# 3 Self-control

A third trait that rich people often have is the ability to blame themselves. If you experience something bad or good, do you think it is about yourself, or the others around you?

It is said that people with lower confidence levels think that when they succeed is due to others, and when they fail because of themselves.

But basically, you'd better think, whatever happens, it's up to you. Think that you did it yourself whatever the results happened to you. When you succeed, it is because you put in your best effort. When something goes wrong, it's you making a mistake and you should think about how to avoid this situation ...

So, the problem is that we should NOT think all the bad things are happening just because of external factors. Self-control is when, no matter what happens, you should understand that you are in control of the situation.

All in all, it's important to have a sense of control over everything around you, and the more you have a sense of control, the happier you will become in life.

But of course, you won't be able to control EVERYTHING, like the weather, you can't tell the wind to stop blowing, right? Oh, never think of controlling something that you can never control. So let's determine which is possible and which cannot be controlled!