1. Protect your account

The top task of the trader is to protect the account. So, all calculations of your trading strategy should be how to protect your trading account. Otherwise, your chances of making money will be very low.

Many traders trade innocently, regardless of the trading volume. It's okay to make a profit, but once a loss, what worries them most is the decline in the account. So, for this not to happen, your calculation should prioritize capital protection.

2. Let profits increase

Very few traders grasp this technique effectively. One of the most popular ways to increase profits by the market is by moving your stop loss.

Most traders feel it is good to be profitable. But in fact, we need to learn how to increase profits when the opportunity arises, such trading orders will help traders both maximize profits, grasp how to control the trading process, and improve. your own skills.

3. Protect profits

Surely traders are not strangers to having profitable trading orders but in the end, they lose money, right? If we know how to protect profits, that very likely happens.

We are not sure how the market will evolve, so the protection of profits is very necessary. When we have a certain amount of profit, we should find a way to protect some of the profit first so that in the worst case, you can still make a profit, at least even break even.

But that does not mean that you need to have a clear strategy based on market conditions and the principles of the method when it is profitable to stop or exit part of the profit.

4. Determine the appropriate mass

This is an important factor that many brothers and traders ignore. Many traders choose to trade with attention but do not really have a risk management plan in advance.

Determination of the trading volume should be based on the trading frequency, the amount that accepts losses for an order, and the stop loss for that strategy. And traders should have a plan to be able to grasp exactly how much volume the trader needs to make.

Doing this well can guarantee the trader to lose within the allowed limit, so no matter how hard the market is, your losses are well controlled.