1. A trading system with a high risk: reward ratio will be a better system for traders. This means that the signals that this system brings will be more profitable than losses. Trading, in the long run, such a trading system will help traders get profits. Furthermore, it allows traders to capture trends in order to increase profits when opportunities emerge.

2. Trading systems that do not take much time to track are also a factor to consider because such systems will help traders focus more on quality trades.

3. The trading system has clear signals and is easy to grasp. Trading will become simpler when the input signal of the system is clearly identified, not ambiguous and unpredictable.

4. The trading system has clear and simple rules that are also factors that traders need to care about. Because many systems have complex rules that make it difficult for a trader to manage the trading process well, and at the same time, it is easier to complicate the analysis process.

5. The system works efficiently at large time frames. Such systems can save traders from spending a lot of time trading, being able to engage in quality, dynamic signals that capture the long-term market moves.

6. Easy backtest transaction system. This factor can demonstrate the simplicity of use as well as the ease of use of a Trading System. Help you save a lot of time for verifying that system.