1. Perhaps all of you have tried the “demo trading” offered by many brokers through their trading platforms. And those who have studied finance can enter "simulation" contests like stock trading to win prizes, or compete in analysis classes. But there is a fact that school chairs don't teach you: dealing with real money is very different. And there is no substitute for real combat and experience. In other words, practicing with real money is very important.

2. Modesty is essential in investing and it only comes from experience, while it's equally important to keep a record of what happened. This is the reason why the "Trading Diary" was born.

3. Investing is not just about buying and selling. It's a bunch of details, methodology, capital management and you need a clear roadmap.

4. All the finance, accounting, and business strategy courses provide you with a basic understanding of the financial markets. But only with time and experience can you grow. This is true even for those with an MBA. It all depends on how you can combine academics with your experience. A high IQ does not guarantee high profits.

5. You must keep in mind that the market will change and plan for it. Capture change so you can profit from it. Ask what could be the catalysts for change and who benefits from it. That would be the difference between a trade that gives you a profit and a trade that makes you lose money.

6. It is important that you are dedicated to the job, you must have time to learn, be patient, and most importantly, love the work you do.

7. Remember that Wall Street is the world's most sophisticated delivery engine. No one teaches you that "stocks are not bought, they are sold" (That means a big hand will generate it, and sell it to investors, and the media is the marketing channel). You must learn to control the outcome of your investment decision and its consequences. There is no "Undo" (Return) order in the investment.

8. Enjoy every aspect of the market. Understand and learn both what works and what doesn't. And remember the reason that brought you to the investment sector.