1. Focus on a single trade setup: New traders often lose money partly because of trading too much and using too many ways to trade. To limit this, we only need to focus on a single setup, which will help Trader brothers to trade more focused and quality.

2. Start with a small capital: The ability to make profits most important when trading new is very difficult. To be profitable a trader needs good methods, good skills, good capital management, good discipline, and a stable mentality. And all these factors new traders are lacking. So it is hard to make profits, then start with small capital so you can gain experience without losing too much money in the market.

3. Avoid constantly changing systems: Continual system change will prevent traders from seeing the performance that the method brings, and at the same time making it easy for traders to lose patience and find the advantage of themselves in the trading.

4. Use stop losses: This is something that few new traders do. Minimize losses is a top priority in trading, as it helps traders get rid of large losses, creating a sense of account protection in trading so that there is a chance to make profits in the future.

5. Looking for a mentor: An experienced person will have good advice and guidance for new traders. If possible, find someone with experience to guide you.

6. Forget the get-rich-quick books: And obviously, trading is a profession that cannot get rich fast, always needs a process to be able to make a profit in trading.

7. Analyze and track your trading: Every transaction you make needs to be carefully analyzed, well-grounded, and especially you should keep track of your transactions. The first to better understand your trading patterns, the second to look at how the market responds to your trades.

8. Observe more: Many traders focus on trading too much, but in fact, profits do not make much but losses are accumulating. In fact, new traders should trade less and observe more, which can help focus more, better psychology, and fewer losses.