1. They want to make money easily without putting the mind and time into doing

This just sounds ridiculous, right, but indeed this is the main reason so many people turn to trade. That's because they can make money without having to do too much. It is possible to achieve this in the future, but the problem is that before it can be done, the trader has to spend a lot of time and money in exchange for such a future. Show that real traders are not what they imagined.

And when the market does not meet their aspirations, they not only fail to make money but also lose money, time, and spirit. So it is understandable that they become discouraged early. In general, because of greed with high expectations, they disappointed them so much.

2. They want in a short time to be able to trade like a professional

Gambling treats new people, the first winning orders when entering the market are like a poison that many traders think that in a short time, they can conquer the whole market.

In fact, trading is a profession that requires the most patience. Patient in approach, patient in backtesting method, patient in waiting for signals, patiently training, ..... But a lot of traders are impatient in this field, they want to be able to quickly grasp how to make money, quickly start working to make a profit. And making a profit or becoming an expert in a short time is impossible. Most traders will feel discouraged if they find it takes too much effort for trading.

3. They wanted to make huge profits but some losing trades were frustrating

This is also one of the big reasons why many small traders cannot stand the pressure from trading. That is too high for expectations. Many traders before placing orders, not using large volumes, also set profit targets very far. But when these orders stopped losing, they were overwhelmed by disappointment. The reason why they are like this is that they have great hopes only.

In fact, in trading, it is completely possible for a trader to make a large profit. But most of them have good trading methods, good skills from long-term training, capital management plans, and especially they are not influenced by psychological factors. Without hope, without greed, without fear, there will be no disappointment. They will do the best they can, and if they don't control, they will let the market decide.