Charting platforms

A very important tool for a trader is the charting system. Depending on the components of the trading system that you use, you can refer to the following platforms:
  • Tradingview: This is definitely one of the most popular charting tools in recent years, it covers almost every market like futures, stocks, etc. With Tradingview, you can create your own system, use many indicators and share with the Trader community;
  • Meta Trader 4: This is too familiar, everyone will know. What I like the most about using Meta Trader 4 is that it has very low latency when switching from chart to chart, and there are a variety of built-in indicators. However, this software will not be very suitable for you trading in Scalping style, but if you follow Swing or Position style, it is too good.
  • Stockcharts: This is a pioneering system for stock charts and offers many different charts such as Candlestick Pattern, Renko, Ichimoku, etc.
  • Traderwave: A new but very good platform, fast and easy to use. This tool focuses on Asia - South China Sea markets.
Stock scanners

With just a few mouse clicks, you can find securities by different criteria: reaching multi-year highs, or growing for the last 3 months, and so on.
  • Finviz: This is a very powerful active stock filter and has a variety of criteria for you to choose from: returns received, growth, net margins, etc .; and many technical filtering criteria such as moving averages, indicators, Candlestick patterns, etc.
  • Buy stock: This system provides diverse filters according to fundamental analysis and technical analysis.
  • Zacks: This is a system specializing in providing filters according to basic analytical criteria.
Backtest tools

  • Profitspi: A web-based system that helps stock backtest brothers using different criteria such as moving average, candlestick pattern, and volume. One of the beauties of this system is that you don't need any programming knowledge, just click on it to backtest.
  • Passat: This system is quite similar to Profitspi but has the ability to explore staged patterns of stocks.
  • QuantConnect: This system focuses on backtesting complex trading strategies, and with that, you must have knowledge of programming.
Heat maps

With a heat map, you can quickly see market behavior. This tool is quite suitable for brothers Day Trader or Swing Trader.
  • Finviz: Provides heat maps for most regions of the world and supports stock analysis by week, month and year.
  • StockTwits: This map focuses on US stock.
  • Myfxbook: This tool will help you determine the price behavior in the current market, from the pair with the weakest volatility to the strongest, and interestingly, you can analyze the time frame from 1 minute to monthly.
Position sizing calculators

You can use the following order volume calculation tools to effectively manage your risk:
  • Daniels Trading: for Futures Trader
  • Investment U: is for securities and options traders
Trading Journals

The trading diary can provide you with insights on applicable strategies, general effectiveness, and find areas that you need to improve.
  • Myfxbook: A free online trading diary for Traders. The disadvantage of this site is that you cannot filter out trades by optional criteria, and it is difficult to determine which system is effective based on the trading history.
  • FxBlue Has the same features as Myfxbook and especially has a feature to filter trades by criteria, helping you to easily determine which system is effective.
  • TradeBench: For stocks and ETF Trader, you can analyze trade efficiency and write reports using the filters provided by this site.