Most of the new traders entering the market have an illusion that this market is easy to make money, just holding a few clicks can make a few thousand dollars. Then gradually are super distant dreams, upstairs from the market transactions. But after only a few slaps of the market, those illusions disappeared, and they realized, "Why can it be so difficult?"

Trading is a difficult profession to pursue and is extremely high rejection. Even professional and veteran players can suffer heavy losses.

The problem of most traders is that they only focus on how to "turn into" a good trader immediately, instead of "training to gradually become a good trader". And that thought became the notion that a good trader has to win continuously, without losing orders. This makes them bulky (to avoid losing trades) and take profits early (for winning orders). They're just trying to make the transaction history as green as possible.

But the outcome is: their green orders are small, while red orders are extremely large, even many times higher than green orders. The account just like that.

So how to overcome the desire to win?

1, Accept

Accept that losing is an integral part of a trader's life, even for professional traders and myths. They just need to ensure that their losses are small and controllable to last a long time in the market, even after chains of losses, their accounts are not too damaged and still have. can be redeemed.

Losses can be thought of as unavoidable costs of an enterprise, such as the cost of renting premises, labor, purchasing products, goods, raw materials for processing, etc. Without those costs, of course, the business cannot run. Losses in trading too.

2, Control what can control

The result of a trade is losing or winning, we cannot control, but we can control the following factors:
Where to enter, when to enter, and to exit any position
Order volume
It is possible to choose to stay out whenever the market is not good enough to trade.
We are controlling quite a few factors right now! You do a good job of controlling those possible factors, that automatically the uncontrollable ones will be all right.