Mark Minervini, a name too familiar to traders. He is one of the most famous witches in the financial world and also a great trader, most notably when he became the host of the 1997 US Investing Champion competition with a hegemonic return rate of 155%. He is interviewed by Jack Schwager in his legendary series of books, Market Wizards. Through this series and his own books, we can see Mark Minervini's rich experience and professionalism in trading.

With such experience, but perhaps few people know, during his 37 years of career, the number of profitable trading orders he made was less than 50%. But he became a market witch and until now he is still a famous trader that many people have to talk about. So where does your trading advantage come from?

As can be seen, the advantage in trading of this market witch is what any trader needs. It is not some highly technical or some sublime method. It's all about capital management and discipline. It is these essentials that make Mark Minervini successful.

With this advantage, even though he had lost more than 7 years before, but then he became the winner of the 1997 US Investing Champion competition with a return of 155% - a rate worthy of many people. dream. At the same time, he has a 5.5 year period that generates an average return of 220% with only one-quarter of losses. And the answer is capital management and discipline.

It is not known whether we traders will be as profitable as Mark Minervini did, but to be sure, most successful traders have one thing in common: they manage capital. and be disciplined. So we traders, first of all, do not try to make money, but learn to manage capital and discipline first.