A lot of the traders of us who first enter the market are often lost in trading. It is like the goal of a trader in trading is to "make trade" that is to trade as much as possible. With the view that the more trading and the more profits, so many traders, especially those who do not have much experience, spend a lot of time on the screen looking for trading signals. But later we will realize that this is not what we are aiming for.

Whether professional or amateur trader, the big goal is to make profits. But there is a huge difference between them that this goal will be set in thinking, thinking, and acting very differently.

For amateur traders, most of them spend their youth focusing on finding trading signals and they think that is how to help them make money. What they always wonder is whether the trading order they execute will make a profit or not? Their sentiment reacts very sensitively to the trading results. Since that makes their transaction process, sometimes highly excited, sometimes annoying frustrating. It can be said that the entire trading process of an amateur trader will not be stable.

But with the same goal, professional traders have a very different implementation. They do not focus on making money, but on completing the process well in order to have a strategy. And their goal is of course making money, but the problem is, they understand that in order to make a profit in trading, traders need to execute good trading orders. A large number of good orders are executed during which the trader is profitable. And that is the real purpose of professional traders when they trade.

It's possible that successful traders trade in different ways, but their goals are the same. To make money, they will focus on the important things to achieve that goal, not trying to achieve it.