Who participates in trading that doesn't want to make a profit, right? But the distance between desire and reality is far apart. If you want to get profit in trading, not to mention that there are things that require traders to put in their efforts to perform, it is only a matter of time for a trader to be profitable, which can make many people see. but faltered.

Not too hard to see, in trading, there are traders with 12 years of experience, but the trading style is quiet and sure. But there are traders with 4-5 years of experience but the trading is still not stable. So what type of trader you will be, this completely depends on how you practice in trading.

But there are a few traders who know this well, but they still have very ridiculous thoughts about profit in trading. And I believe, many of us traders also used to think like that.

1. Traders lose too much, they change the floor, maybe their fate will change

If you traded at a loss, then you also changed it at the exchange. Because this floor is so dirty, you lose money, but it is better to go to another floor than to trade another. And the truth is that you trade on any floor that floor hole, there is not a bit of profit, even though the exchange is always changing. 

However, there are many brothers and sisters who really believe that the exchange will change, find the right floor, the profit will come. And of course, this thought is clearly not correct. Although there are actually bad exchanges that cost traders money. But in fact, the biggest reason for the loss of traders is the more traders themselves, so instead of changing the floor, the trader should change his mind, focus on training and accumulating experience for himself.

2. Change the trading account with a loss

Another way to make a profit by exchanging accounts. This account is too black, so unlucky, so change to another one for it. And based on lucky luck, how do you make money in trading?

3. Trade against a new trader

Up to now, the people using this method to trade have left trading to do other jobs.

It sounds plausible, but this is only called a trick in trading. And if any brothers plan to get rich or make a living by trading against a new trader, consider it again. This is not a way to make money long-term in trading.