Technical Analysis is better known because TA is easier than FA. It is not difficult to approach FA, but understand properly and fully understand and use it much more difficult than TA.

Technical Analysis, even if you study at CMT, read all the books about TA - you will see it has its limit frame but does not explain more deeply "Why the market moves" and "The What moves the market? ". That is, you can only see the TA part which is the performance result of the Foundation elements behind it, moreover, the TA has one major flaw - Bias.

If you don't believe you go ask 100 traders when you give a chart, no one has consulted first, then I'm sure there will be about 1001 different results. But the principle of shifting it has only one - that is the foundation and macros.

Finally and about Cause & Effect - Cause and Effect. Most of them just want to see the effect, the result, regardless of the cause or the process it produces that consequence. Actually, trading is not really a zero-sum game as everyone thinks, zoom out is wide enough, it is always visible from any cause somewhere, it affects and creates the consequence that the price moves on the chart. things that people often see.

So instead of fighting each other, TA or FA is more important, why not combine the two? Remember the TA that is as far back as the 18th century, somewhere in the 18th century, is about the Candlestick Chart. The ancestor of this subject invented a Candlestick Chart to predict rice prices and record prices to analyze it on this chart and he was the boss of the FA.

Meanwhile, the basis of the Macro, monetary policy is somewhere from the 15th century when the tycoon families in Italy, Germany, and France know how to use the money to lobby the government, lend war debt, and trade across continents. Eurasia.

FX is generally the market of big players, until the 90s onwards, there will be a door for retailers to play, so Technical Analysis is only applied. As for funds or banks, macro trading based on Fundamentals analysis is key.

Also want to understand TA - you have to understand the formula, the definition, about the whole series of data behind it to calculate the indicator or why it ran out of that model to follow. Digging deep is a bit like going back to FA.

In conclusion, you can stay in the market by only FA (cause) and not just on TA (effect) itself. Simply because TA cannot explain the direction of the specific market. It's just a confirmation tool and that's it.