1. Improper discipline

So how is the right way? That is the trader should start small first. For example, starting from getting rid of bad habits, then moving on to analyzing according to principles, setting up your own laws that make you follow these principles, ...

A lot of traders jump into what is forcing themselves to follow a certain pattern. This makes it difficult for the trader to absorb all at the same time, causing himself to fall into stressful, pressing psychology. Since then, ineffective transactions.

So, starting with the small ones, slowly improve the habits that have long eroded. Before doing this, however, make a list of things that need to change. Thus, the disciplined trading plan will be much smoother.

2. Not really grasping how to use the method or the method is not good

For me, the mindset that there are no bad methods, only traders don't know how to use them. But in fact, there are also methods that are not really good. But if a trader has truly mastered a method, then they will know their strengths and also have the knowledge to evaluate what a method is okay.

Trained traders are ineffective, mostly because they do not really understand how they trade. Of course, we still adhere to the principle of serious trading, but the problem is that, without understanding the method, it is very difficult to take advantage of strengths to make money. There will even be losses if in the process psychology is affected and traders lose patience.

But if it falls into the case of the wrong method, it is clear that how good it is to practice discipline will hardly be profitable.

3. Get impatient

The prerequisite factor in forging discipline is patience. Because time is the answer to discipline. A lot of frustrated traders lose their patience and give up in the middle. So how do you see the results? Thuy herself, when approaching the price action trading system, it took 6 months of perseverance and discipline to see some results. So, in trading, if you have any practice, don't be in a hurry. Just slowly, everything will get better.