To become a successful trader, the first thing is to improve your knowledge to build an effective trading method. As you all know, to become a successful trader, there are 3 factors: trading method, capital management, and psychological control. Many people believe that capital management and psychological control are of the utmost importance, and that determines whether the trader succeeds in the long term. However, in my opinion, if you do not have an effective trading method, capital management will only bring you a slow death, psychological control is just an emotional stubbornness.

Tried many methods, many technical indicators, many robots, but the results still did not achieve as expected. After that, one must learn the price action and supply-demand methods, which is a perfect combination to produce a simple but effective transaction method. After a period of study and practice, started to find the first successes.

If you have not found an effective method for yourself, you can find out price action and supply-demand.

If you are using the two methods above and have not succeeded yet, you should continue to dig deeper. And find successful traders who apply this method to learn and learn. There is a little tip to share for you, that is: do not stick to candlestick patterns, rigid formulas. But relax, feel free to comment and try to understand the story the market wants to tell you through the candlestick pattern, through the supply and demand zone: which force (buyer or seller) is controlling the market. ? where? Know which force is currently controlling the market (the force of buyers or sellers?). In which direction will the price ship go? When you can know this, your job is simple: follow the force in control or sit on the train and the train will take you where you want.

In general, a successful trader is someone who is able to correctly predict the direction of price in a period of time. Price action and supply-demand are two great methods of doing this effectively and simply.