1. Tradingview has a more independent trading platform:

Is there a trader who has never used Microsoft Windows, or has used Windows for a while, have you discovered the inconvenience of depending on this operating system? Do you find it inconvenient with the constant operating system installation every time you update a new version of Windows or buy a new laptop? Each time, you have to reinstall the MetaTrader, not to mention spending a lot of time reinstalling your favorite programs (utility software, antivirus software, listening to music ...).

Using independent online software like tradingview can help you more easily access the market anywhere, as long as your computer is connected to the internet. You also "accept" all operating systems, whether you use Linux or Mac OS.

2. Tradingview makes it easy for traders to analyze multiple timeframes:

When using MetaTrader, you cannot analyze multiple timeframes at the same time as many currency pairs. You have to move each chart differently and for each chart, you have to set up a separate time frame. This makes the analysis very inconvenient.

The example above is the multi-timeframe MetaTrader on the EURUSD pair. You will see it appear 4 cards in the bottom corner of the screen. If you analyze more than 3 pairs or all 7 major currency pairs, it will take a lot more time.

With tradingview, you can have 4 charts at the same time and you can set each pair a different timeframe but when you convert pairs all the charts change to new currency pairs but the time frame. still keep the same.

This is extremely convenient and makes multi-timeframe analysis a lot simpler.

3. Tradingview helps traders to access many different markets.

Metatrader is built primarily for the forex market and only allows traders to view the financial products that the broker allows. So if your broker does not provide price data for the products you are interested in, you will have to look for another broker.
But for trading view, you can see the online price data of futures, commodities, oil, bond ... This is an essential tool for traders who specialize in the cross-market analysis.

4. Tradingview has a very good social network:

If you need to listen to an expert's opinion or need a common group that can be exchanged online, you can use Tradingview's miniature social network.

5. Trading view has effective charting tools

Last but not least, TradingView's charting tools have many good points compared to other tools you will know. One of my favorites is the long/short position marker tool.

This is an important point because as a trader, what traders always care about is the risk: reward for each trade. For MetaTrader, introduce a tool to calculate the risk: reward for each trade order based on the Fibonacci, this is a little tip you can refer to. But using this method is also quite inconvenient for traders with a Fibonacci-based trading system.

You can also forward the test to the trading view. Note your trading idea again, press pause, and press the button for the chart to continue moving for a while.


If you look into the future further. The trading software and support for traders will be oriented towards the online connection, not on the basis of the operating system anymore. This trend will spread not only in trading platforms like TradingView, but you will also find it available in backtesting software, trading journal software ...