The strong buying force continues to pour into FTT in this February, showing the possibility of FTT's price increase, but because the market health is quite weak, FTT is currently still dominated by selling, but not because of the strong selling force, but because the buying force is temporarily paused.

As long as FTT surpasses $32 zone, strong buying force will push in to help FTT rise to $46 and even $64 zones.




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-Buy: 26.5-28.5$. SL if B👉✅20% + ✅60%

-Buy: 31.5-33.5$ if A. SL if B👉✅40%


-Sell: 45-47$. SL if A

-Sell: 64-66$. SL if A


-Sell: 26.5-28.5$ if B. SL if A

-Buy: 20-22$.SL if B


Condition A : "If 8H candle closes ABOVE this zone"

Condition B : "If 8H candle closes BELOW this zone"

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