Old bottom old top

This is the very basis of Resistance Support. When the price makes a high and falls, the newly created high is considered Resistance and can push the price down when the price approaches this zone again. On the contrary, support is the bottom area where the price just finished and goes up, and when it gets back to the bottom, it can bounce back.

In the image above, the down arrows indicate the Resistance zone, the up arrows indicate the Support area


Trend line is the most basic elements of technical analysis. The uptrend line connects 2 TRUE points from low to high, while the downtrend line connects 2 POINTS from high to low.

In addition, it is possible to connect CRAZIL in an uptrend and BREAKS in a downtrend.

Trend lines are areas where support and resistance can be created.

Support changes to Resistance; Resistance changes to Support

In technical analysis, there is a phenomenon that the support area, after being broken, can turn into the Resistance zone; On the contrary, the Resistance zone, after the ball is broken, can also turn into the Support Zone.

Round number area - round number

When trading currency pairs, the zones with a rounded number of 100 pips (eg 1.3200, 198.00, 1.6400 ...) are often seen as psychological zones and can create support or resistance at price.

Price gap gap

If you study Gap (gap or gap), you know it can act as support and resistance. Although it is difficult to find gaps in forex because the market runs continuously without stopping, however, gaps do happen. There is a saying that "Gap must be filled" indicates that the price usually retests the gap before moving on.