The Forward and Reverse Scalping method is a small framework trading strategy for those who like the shortened quick strategy of a veteran author on the trading market. This system includes 2 indicators available on MT4 and uses price action (namely pin bar) to determine entry points. With strategies on a small frame, you can apply to Options.

Recommendation: Should trade demo or backtest before trading real money

The method is as follows:

Timeframe: M5 or M15 (I use more M15)

  • RSI 6
  • EMA 21 and SMA 50 (in the picture below, EMA 21 is the blue line and SMA 50 is the red line)
How to enter an order:
  • With trend reverse: Pinbar candlestick appearance + RSI divergence
An example for a sell order (enter an order in the green area)

Buy order example (enter an order in the green area)

With the trendy way: Simply recognize the trend + beautiful pin bar (If there is more RSI divergence is extremely beautiful). The trend is down when the 21 EMA is below the 50 SMA and vice versa.

An example for a sell order (enter an order in the green area)

How to identify a beautiful pin bar: Take a look at the picture below

  • Case 1: Although the pin bar appears, this pin bar is still "sink" in the previous candle => No trade
  • Case 2: Pinbar candlestick is not hidden by the previous candles (because the buyers are helpless or for whatever reason) => Should trade
Recognize beautiful pinbar when trading in the trend:
  • Look at the example below