Trading Volume Indicator - Live match between Bulls and Bears

Trading Volume technical indicator shows you the volume of Buy and Sell orders in the current column or an average of the last number of columns, you can choose. Both types of trading volume are shown on the chart as a small notice board with the green box for buying volume and the red square for selling volume. There is also a bar chart and percentage correlation between the bulls (Bull) and the bears (Bear) for easy observations.

The Trading Volume indicator works well on all timeframes and any currency pairs.

Cumulative Delta indicator - Cumulative trade volume difference

The Cumulative Delta Technical Indicator analyzes the trading volume in the market and divides it into 2 parts - the buyer's and the seller's volume, and then calculates the cumulative spread and spread. The Cumulative Delta is a non-repaint indicator, its computation, and setup process is pretty quick even though it uses data on shorter periods (compared to now).

Total Power - Bear / Bull Power indicator must be called with a tool

Total Power Technical Indicator is developed on the basis of two basic indicators of the MetaTrader platform - Bear Power and Bull Power. The Total Power indicator calculates the number of bullish and bearish columns over a past period and uses that metric to calculate the percentages of bear, bull, and total (as the difference between bull and bear). for the current column. This way we get unbroken lines that represent each bear and bull relationship over a given period.

The strength of Total Power is that it overcomes the disadvantages of the Bear / Bull Power indicator: its predictability in the long term. Total Power MT4 version was developed by Daniel Fernandez in 2011. There is also a sibling version of the MT5.

Chaikin Money Flow Indicator - A powerful volume indicator

The Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) technical indicator is an indicator developed by Marc Chaikin, a stockbroker in 1966. The idea of Chaikin Money Flow is to combine price and trading volume to represent cash flow (in or out of the market) in a certain period. The default CMF period is 21 days.