1. Trading Price Action Series of Al Brook:

This set is considered the bible for professional trade price action. Al Brooks' massive work is divided into 3 books corresponding to each different price environment, including Range (sideways market), Trend (trend market), and Reversal (reversal). That is not to mention the first book Al Brook wrote "Technical Analysis of Price Charts Bar by Bar for the Serious Trader".

Al Brooks claims not to be the creator of the term price action as well as the "naked trading" method of the trading chart, but almost every trader sees him as the big tree in the game by the series. famous of him.

3. Martin Price on Price Pattern:

Martin Pring calls his book "The Definitive Guide to Price Pattern Analysis and Interpretation". Martin helps you understand how to use all the necessary tools in price pattern analysis, including:
  • Support and Resistance.
  • Trend line
  • Volume analysis
  • Break out analysis
  • Chart pattern
  • Bar pattern
The division into the above topics, according to me, is very scientific and easy to understand. This guide will show you everything you need to know when starting to approach price action analysis. A very streamlined book and easy to understand concept writing.

4. Japanese Candlestick charting techniques - Steve Nilson:

After Steve Nilson introduced the Japanese candlestick system to the Western world, it became the default standard for all trading software in the world.

Japanese candlestick pattern helps traders analyze charts better than traditional bar charts, not to mention the Japanese also discovered very special candlestick patterns such as engulfing candles, shooting star candles .. have become all too familiar to today's traders.

This book is considered the foundation for you to start to approach simple chart analysis without accompanying indicators.

5. Integrated Pitchfork Analysis - Basic to Intermediate Level by Mircea Dologa:

A trendline is an important tool in price action analysis. However, the trendline is usually covered by a short chapter in most trading books. This is the first book that seriously studies the use of trendlines, especially the trendline according to Pitchfork.

6. The Ultimate Trading Guide:

This is a price action book with a mechanical trading system style, which means that there are entry points, specific orders, very easy to access like Bob Volman's price action book. However, price action approaches in this direction may not be suitable for experienced price action traders.

The book will be suitable for beginners because it clearly states the basic concepts in price action such as continuation, confluence, reversals, support/resistance zones ...

The main topics include:
  • Apply Elliot Wave theory.
  • Useful pricing patterns.
  • Use a channel in trading.
  • Price reversal patterns.
7. A complete guide to volume price analysis by Anna Coulling:

Volume analysis is not really considered a price action analysis tool, but there are quite a few price action traders who use volume for analysis.

This guide will show you the specific steps to use volume in the price analysis.

8. Encyclopedia of chart patterns by Thomas Bulkowski:

If you are in doubt about the method of using chart patterns then you should read this book as this book will give you very scientific statistics. You will learn how the author demonstrates technical analysis statistically.

Topics covered in the book include:
  • Instructions on how to recognize price models.
  • Probability of winning and losing in bull and bear markets.
  • Optimize trading with volume analysis.
  • Trading methods (with detailed entry and exit points).
  • Price patterns are not profitable (as many traders think).
  • The book will not give you a specific setup, in return for the name on the encyclopedia cover, you can also understand the book as an encyclopedia of all the terms you use or are used by traders when it comes to charts. pattern.
9. Trend Qualification and Trading By L. A. Little:

Trend identification is an important prerequisite for a successful trade. This fundamental problem applies to all trading systems, not just price action traders.

The author's identification and approach are also very different from other books just by analyzing transaction price and volume. Therefore, this book is suitable for traders who want to simplify their analysis.

10. The Art and Science of technical analysis by Adam Grimes:

The title of the book is Technical Analysis, but the book focuses on price action only. In this book, Adam also has statistics to prove the science of technical analysis, especially price model analysis.