Many people will tell you trading psychology will determine success in Trading. They often say: 90% of a Trader's success is psychological. But the truth is not, and there are many erroneous arguments in this view.

In Trading and investing in general, the most important thing is the way you do it, not the way you think. Although you may be the smartest person in the world, knowledgeable about the market, have many years of trading experience ... But if you do not know when to enter or exit at the right time, you are still a loser. in the market.

Trader's emotions and the sentiment when you place your trade can have some effect. But it only really works when you: get the right action at the right time. If just a little deviation means you made a mistake and your result is a loss, trading psychology has nothing to do here.

Many people even claim that trading psychology is all you need in Trading. They interpret the market as motivated by human greed and fear. This is true but things only start to go wrong when they tell you to learn things like crowd psychology, crowdfunding, and personal trading psychology, etc ... to trade well. than. But Trading really forces you to trust the market and stay out of those psychological theories: you need to believe in the trend or believe when resistance zones hold or are about to lose, you also need to find out. the impact of fundamental analytical factors will affect the market. True trading is based on your beliefs about the market (based on your methodology), not on messy crowd theories like fear or greed, positive thinking, etc.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who don't believe that. Because learning about trading psychology seems much easier than getting a hard-core knowledge of technical analysis or market fundamental analysis. Those are the most practical subjects that will help you trade more successfully, but they are so difficult that everyone wants to stay away!

Actually, the people who tell you to learn about trading psychology are just the people who sell you Trading courses. They tell you to learn to control psychology and Trading to be disciplined. But you can only follow the law if the law is really correct. Discipline is the thing to go if it only makes you more mistakes when trading. Like if someone gives you an indicator, a combination of simple conditions to enter with that indicator, and that person tells you to trade just like that to make a profit. Do you believe it?

Think of Trading from a different perspective: Is a trader like a pilot who wants to learn to fly a plane? He should focus on driving skills: learn about driving, learn about the laws of altitude, adjust speed to match information from the ground, etc. Or the pilot should focus on psychology own. Let's guest?

If you want to learn real trade, learn about the market a lot, you should learn about how the market works. Then, if you want to use any trading method, you can do it; Whether you trade breakout, swing trade, day Trader, etc ...

Slowly learn about your knowledge and build your confidence in the market. Once you have the experience and understanding of how the market works, it will all become easier.