TOP 5 Notable Altcoin - NEM XEP USDT OKEX H4

BOOKING VIEW last week (red arrow) makes a huge profit if you can keep the order and make a long profit

Currently, the price is going up in a very steep and steep uptrend, so on the D1 frame, it is impossible to identify trading opportunities. We rush into H4 to find a chance to buy up.

Price is adhering to ema 21 in an uptrend to act as dynamic support and has just retested this line after a pullback. A downtrend line can be drawn with this pullback wave. Thus, the price only goes a few more bars to get out of the compression.

Wait for a few more bars to appear then start placing orders.

TOP 5 Notable Altcoin - Vechain VETUSDT binance D1

The buy VET (red arrow) is very profitable if you know how to hold the position.

Prices are accumulating after a strong uptrend, likely to jump again to continue this uptrend. So basically we have one more chance to buy with the trend. However, looking at the still large gap between the downtrend line and the ema line, we see that the price still has to adjust more Kha before it can increase. Do not rush to buy when the price is still pullback like this.

Wait for the price to pull back more than place an order when there are no more gaps in the squeeze.

TOP 5 Notable Altcoin - UNIUSDT Binance H4

The odds on the D1 frame last week have not been entered

On the H4 frame, the ema line has not yet shown a clear increase in momentum, reflected through a sideways ema line and tends to slightly slope down. However, this pullback is fully respecting the level of a downtrend line, so we can enter a breakout buy-back. Notice that if the price breaks up, it simultaneously breaks the downtrend line, the ema line, and the top of the bar at the same time. A break of all 3 factors at the same time can cause prices to bounce up.

Buy stop above the top, stop loss at bottom.

TOP 5 Notable Altcoin - 0x ZRXUSDT binance D1

A tight squeeze is being formed, so we can take advantage of the narrowing gap between the ema and the trend line to timing the break and place the order at its best.

wait for the price to pull back a bit more than place a buy order

Basically, our method is just that simple, the most important is timing in order to be accurate and have the highest advantage.

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