Steve Burns is one of the famous professional traders with decades of experience in the trading world. At the same time, he is also the founder of a famous trading blog. On this blog page, Steve Burns has shared many lessons and experiences that are very valuable to men in the world.

He experienced many difficulties and failures in the trading process, but thanks to perseverance, a serious attitude, and long-time use of a trading method, he has achieved the success he is today.

On his personal page on Twitter, a lot of people asked him what trading principles he had been with for decades of trading. And he also frankly shared these principles on his blog which includes the following 14 principles:

1. Not focusing on finding signals, but focusing on trading according to its own principles and strengths.

2. Whenever stress, absolutely do not participate in transactions, only trade when psychology is comfortable.

3. Always double-check the criteria for a position before making a trade.

4. Trading system needs to match one's personality.

5. Only learn to trade and master a single method, so the chances of success will be much higher than trading multiple methods at the same time.

6. Always have a trading plan that adheres to your core trading method and principles.

7. Always stick to the plan to make trading and follow the principles of disciplined.

8. Action and thought need to be consistent with the principle of the method.

9. Always grasp and follow the trend of the time frame you trade.

10. Never accept losing more than 1% of your capital on any trading strategy. If you lose more than this, accept your loss and exit the trade.

11. Be aware of the level of risk the total account will face at any given time in the market.

12. Set your stop loss far enough to avoid the market's disturbing signals or fluctuations. And note, before the money finds the stop loss, then based on that, the trading volume will be determined.

13. Not predict future prices, but rely on current trends and system principles to make transactions.

14. Do not consult other people about your trading decision. Instead, take full responsibility for every trading you make.