1. Patience

Trading challenges the trader's patience. Most of us will not see the results of patience in the first 2 years, and even traders find it annoying to force themselves to be patient. There are many traders who understand the importance of this, but at times they still lose their patience.

But in the third year of trading, when traders begin to shape their trading style, when they are no longer at a loss like before, even confident in the future, they will be profitable. will see that in the whole process getting them to where they are now is in large part due to their own patients.

Understanding this is seen as a trader who has had a great harvest. In the future, patients will play an important role in a trader's trading plan, helping the trader to have a more stable mentality, settle things in a calm mood and the trading process also becomes. much smoother than before.

2. Disciplinary Capital Management

In fact, traders who have 1-2 years of experience already understand the importance of capital management, but the practice is not too strict in the first 2 years. That is also the reason why there is a good method but many traders still have long-term losses.

Capital management is an extremely important factor, but traders only see its effectiveness when taking it seriously and disciplined. And the moment the trader has enough determination and motivation to perform is at least 3-5 years of experience.

The disciplined capital management will put traders in the fund to trade consistently, this is also the most basic factor for traders to get consistent profits.

3. Trading psychology gradually stabilized

And in the end, it is the mentality. If a trader with 3 years of experience is still under psychological pressure, you should really look back. In the first two years, most of the psychology of traders is not stable. But most of the time the traders understood the importance of psychology and began to focus on training.

After 3 years of experience, the majority of traders' psychology has reached a certain steady state. Of course, training is still indispensable, but at this point, most traders will know they should focus on what is best for themselves.

It can be said that a trader who has a stable trading attitude, knows how to manage capital, and has patience in everything is the greatest achievement after years of effort in trading. This is also the biggest stepping stone for traders to step into the path of becoming professional traders.