1. Compliance

In order to increase profits well, consistently, traders must comply with the following 3 things:
  • Trade according to the method used by traders
  • Compliance with trading principles
  • High RR ratio
  • Do the above things again and again
Many traders have a greedy mentality, focusing on increasing profits and forgetting about what has helped them escape losses and make profits.

Regardless of the stage in your trading, you always have to prioritize your method of working in the right way so that you can consistently get large returns.

2. Risk management

Even if you've already made a profit and even if you want to make even more now, risk management is paramount. This is the factor that helps you get a big profit while still keeping the risk within your tolerance.

There are 3 things traders should keep in mind in managing risk when increasing profits:
  • Manage uncertainty in the short term
  • Manage expectations based on strengths in trading
  • Equal risk per trading

A lot of traders who make a profit in the short term are hastily loosened their mentality and principles while the short-term results say nothing. Next, the trader who has made a profit will have greater expectations, these unnamed expectations will cause the trader to make many wrong decisions. And the last thing is, even if you make a profit, every transaction you make must have an equal level of risk to get consistent results.

In addition to the above factors, traders should note that traders can completely increase their trading volume to increase their profits, but with the following 3 conditions:
  • The first is when the trader has certainly been able to make a profit in the long term.
  • The second is the trader who trades and gets results consistently with the observance of principles and absolute method.
  • Ultimately, getting good results from compound interest.
And note that, even if there is an increase in trading volume, the first factor to note must also be based on risk to do.