1. Profits

The biggest problem for traders is always profit. The novice brothers often seek profits very early, but the problem is that they cannot find it all the time. The reason is, everyone knows. And obviously, profit is not easy. Because there is only one reason to get profits, that is, a trader must combine many factors such as skill, method, capital management, and psychology thoroughly. But there are many reasons to lose money, and even a small reason can cause a trade to lose.

Many traders because of pursuing profits, traders are beaten by the market. Over the years, perhaps traders can understand that profits must be made, but not by pursuing it directly. Traders need to spend time and effort building up the skills, methods, and practice a lot to get the foundation so that profits will automatically appear without wasting effort searching.

2. Methods

The trading method is also a brain pain problem of traders. Because there are those who take a few years to find the right method. Having the right method and then having to persistently use 1-2 years to understand and understand the whole method. So, that's why the trader often changes methods.

However, if you seriously persist using a proven method, then the trader will get a lot of value, of course, there will be profits.

3. Psychology

Psychology is probably the factor that consumes most of our time. Because the problem is that each stage will have a different sentiment, traders will always have to deal with the sentiment every time they trade. As a trader with a few years of experience, we will only deal with psychology in a different way.

However, in order to have calm psychology, at least traders take 3 to 5 years to be in control. The important thing is that you must be persistent, always find ways to solve problems, and especially love the job. Because love is the driving force that makes us not discouraged and always serious with the profession.