1. Trade your system, not anyone else's

You see professional traders who all have their own trading systems. And in fact, it is not a highly readable system that is not always understood, even it is quite simple and easy to use. However, their difference is that they only use their own system in a long process of extensive experience and a stable mentality separates them from the crowd.

You should be so. Find the right system for yourself, stick with it throughout your trading journey. It challenges your faith and patience, at a certain point, you get results and go into professional trading without even knowing it.

2. Stick to your plan, not anyone else's

Do you have a trading plan? If not then think about it now if you still want to be a professional trader.

The trading plan helps you to align with the method, helps traders to have a framework, and ensures that everything goes according to what you have outlined. Do not follow the plans or advice of others, because you have your own direction and plan.

3. Only interested in their own judgment, not that of anyone else

You have your own system, have your own plan, but in the end, you trade with or follow the advice of others. You forever cannot make money on your own terms.

Although your judgment will come at the wrong time, at the wrong time, you are responsible for every decision you make is the most important thing. Because this helps you grow, it helps you recognize mistakes and correct them. Make your trading possibilities only increase, not decrease.

So sometimes do not take the win or loss too seriously, but focus on building a foundation for yourself, towards higher goals. Just like that, you will slowly step into the professional trader world when you are not.