For long-term profits, traders need to have 3 things:
  1. 1 advantageous trading system
  2. how to calculate the reasonable volume of positions on each order
  3. correct trading mindset.
Factors number 1 and 2 you already understand, number 1 is an advantageous trading system or method, and you must really understand and master that system. It is more important to have absolute faith in it, not to doubt it to be able to boldly enter orders and continue trading even with the chain of losses. In addition, be sure to comply with all the system's disciplinary conditions strictly, to avoid entering an order unconditionally or too soon before the system gives a signal.

The second factor is simply capital management. It is possible to choose risk x% equity per position or x USD fixed per position.

And the third factor is thinking - which involves a lot of other human factors. This is what makes a trader - who has the ability to use an advantageous system for profit and is also the most important factor.

Thinking includes the following factors:

1, traders must understand that trading is not a way to get rich fast. It is a process of making money by learning and using the system to profit from other players in the market. In other words, it's a battle, winners get money, losers lose money.

2, Professional Trading is not gambling, it's like running a business. Profitable trading is like running a casino, it operates on the basis of making profits from uncertain activities. The short term may lose, but the long term wins.

3, Successful traders benefit from a trading system and signals, not from predictions or assertive statements.

Great traders still have losing orders, the profit comes not from perfection but from the creation of trades with high profit and loss rates.

5, For psychological stability, the order volume should be kept at a moderate level, not causing emotions to arise

6, Traders must have absolute confidence in their system.

7, Traders must have absolute confidence in themselves to be able to follow the system.

8, the Trading result is not the same as the value of 1 Trader. Traders do not control the market, they can only control their actions.