1. Candlestick trading style. If you see a bullish candle, buy it, if you see a bearish candle, sell it

This is the type of transaction that usually occurs in new traders. But some traders have used this trading method for a long time, so it has formed a habit that is difficult to break. Even though we learned another way of trading, while trading we still unconsciously transact in this way without even noticing.

A lot of new traders, especially women, often trade this way. If you see a bullish candle, you buy and if you see a bearish candle, you sell. These traders are psychologically dominated by the market. Although the more they trade, the more they lose, they don't change the way they trade. So many brothers and sisters who have lost a great deal of money have just begun to reconsider.

This is a very dangerous way of trading, very easy to psychological, analysis based on personal intuition, and especially difficult to manage capital. So if you are new to trading, it is best to learn the necessary knowledge first, do not rush to put money in trading. Especially when you see a few winning orders, then not even.

2. Trading type stuffed order

Many traders trading in the style of stuffed orders, the profit they make is very huge. But after a while, some people lose heavily, some quit the trade, others still trade, but don't dare to use the way of placing orders anymore. Why is that?

It is because of the characteristics of this way of trading. In order to make the trading to be profitable, traders almost have to be really experienced, have good psychology, have good trading skills, and respond well, in addition, the trading method must be really quality, in addition, is a matter to be prepared in advance. Otherwise, the trader will lose out on seeing the sun.

Yet a lot of novice traders just need to hear about huge profits and jump into trading like rain. Who knows, how dangerous this way of trading is. If not careful, the whole account can be cut off.

The best traders should avoid this trade, choose the right trading method, not just look at the profits.

3. Homemade trading type

In fact, there are also traders who trade on their own and make a profit. But to do so requires traders to have certain knowledge, experience, and skills, great persistence, it may take a long time to figure out their own way of trading.

While most traders create a method for themselves when they do not have much experience, skills are weak, their psychology is not stable, so they lose heavily, even lasting because France has no connection or basis.

Another problem is that traders prefer to trade with their own methods. So the loss is prolonged, while the biggest problem lies in the method, but the trader is completely ignored.

So traders should not grop for creating their own strategy without having certain basic knowledge and experience in the market.

In short, trading is a process. suit yourself. Then it will be easier to make a profit. And remember, please avoid the 3 ways of trading above. There are ways that you can make a profit, but if it is not right or at the right time, it is the reason that traders make long-term losses.