1. Patience

Patience is not just a requirement in trading, it is also a skill that needs training. Most traders are in a hurry, and it is this haste that causes them to lose money. So patience is the key to solving this problem.

But the problem is that being patient is not doing it. So almost everyone has to learn, practice, make patience a skill for themselves and the best thing is to turn it into your personality.

2. Emotional adjustment skills

This is also a difficult skill because emotions belong to each person, they can emerge at any time during trading. Therefore, in order to be in control, traders need to practice little by little to form skills that can control emotions. And it's not easy, it's harder than practicing patience.

3. Discipline

Discipline is also a kind of skill. We traders have always been accustomed to undisciplined trading. Even though we later understood that discipline is an important factor, the biggest problem with remaining disciplined is persistence and determination.

In the beginning, when it comes to framework trading, traders often get discouraged by not seeing any positive results. The trader will easily leave the framework, break the rules, and then trade undisciplined as before. So it can be said, in order to forge discipline, traders need perseverance.

All 3 skills are 3 skills belonging to the consciousness and enlightenment of each trader. Even if you've successfully trained them, making them your own skills, only you can feel these skills exist. Only you can recognize them and see them as an integral part of your trading process.