1. How to use the method

Having a way of making money is one thing, and how to make money is another. The same class, the same way of teaching, but some people understand some people don't understand, some people are good and others aren't good. Trading is the same, the same method of trading is profitable with people.

The problem most likely lies in how it is used. In order for a trading method to be truly effective, the user must understand the principles that operate it. While the people who use the method mostly only think about the profits they make from it but basically do not think about digging deep into the method, to understand how to use it thoroughly.

It is the incorrect usage that makes traders still suffer losses. You don't have to have a method that will make a profit. Every trader needs to use his mind to understand how the method is used, what the principles are, what market conditions are suitable, ... A lot of things need to be understood. When understood and correctly applied, the natural results will also be better.

2. No signal screening

Any good method, no matter how good, will have signal noise and the rate of loss in good methods is sometimes even higher. And traders need to have skills to evaluate and filter signals. The same method, but if traders participate too much on bad signals, they can still lead to losses.

This signal filtering skill requires time, understanding of methods, and experience. From there a new trader can afford to distinguish a good signal so that he can focus more on those signals and improve trading results.

That is why it is normal for traders to approach a method that will often see no results. So we need more patience in this.

3. Impatient and mountain looking after mountain

As mentioned above, many traders lack patience when at first seeing no results from the method. At such times, they often doubt their method and have thoughts of wanting to change to another method for the better.

But in fact, if a trader is more patient, believes the method more, and has a little more vision, what you get is not only a profitable method but also the right thinking. in trading. It can be said that with a long enough method, you will benefit from enough sugar.

4. Combine many methods together

This problem is also a big problem that many traders, looking, seem to know many methods, but trading is at a loss. The main reason is that many methods are combined together.

Each method has its own principles, suitable for different market conditions, so combining even just two methods together, the results will no longer be accurate. Many traders, after combining the method, said that it was a good method and used it for a long time. And a lot of chronic losses also come from here.

From the above 4 reasons, everyone can also see, obviously not everyone can make money with a transaction method. The method is only a part, to get the profit traders to need to know how to use, evaluate, have patience and correct thinking, know how to keep the discipline to get good results.