1. Adhere to the principle every day, month, and year

The most basic thing that a trader must know is that in order to make a profit, he must first follow the principle. This can be said to be one of the most important principles that traders must follow.

If you follow the daily rule you may not see much difference in profits and losses. But if you do this every month you will see profits start to exist. Then when you do this every year the profits will gradually become stable because by this time you have also become mature.

2. Don't let others or other things distract

Consistency requires concentration to get good results. If you are someone who gets easily distracted by others, staying consistent will have a big impact.

If you have your own schedule and trading time, you should focus on it so that everything you do is 100% dedicated, not affected by other things, that's it. The new results will properly gauge your performance.

3. Refuse to trade that do not meet your criteria or does not meet your criteria

This may sound easy to do, but in reality, it is not easy to do. Because most traders are impatient. Waiting for a strategy that meets their criteria will take some patience. Many traders in the process of waiting lose this patience and are easily attracted to trading opportunities that are not strong for themselves.

But remember traders, to get consistent profits, the trading method needs to be consistent. Do not be afraid of not having the opportunity to make money today, please patiently wait for the right thing you need, then join the market. Do not arbitrarily break the rules, do not trade easily. Compliance with this will help you create your own trading style.

4. Be confident in your judgment

This factor is extremely important for a trader. The confidence that speaks is the trader fully believes in their method and judgment, the confidence also shows that they will not be tempted by other opportunities, not listen to others because they have a calculation. their own. And more importantly, confidence offers a stable mentality that makes trading execution much smoother.

Without confidence, the above factors are not guaranteed. When it comes to a certain stage, the traders get this feeling.