In trading there is win or loss, but why the number of traders participating in trading is mostly at a loss. All have reasons. Please talk about this. First of all, every trader before entering trading needs to know and understand these facts:
  • Trading is a game of probability and loss is part of it. Traders need to accept this.
  • Trading is a process to be successful.
  • Trading needs patience.
  • Trading needs to have a cool head.
There are many realities in trading, but each brother before deciding to enter the transaction should know in advance what he or she will encounter.

A lot of traders are involved in trading and they quickly see the harsh fact that most traders lose money, only a small part is making money from the market. What is the reason why the number of losses is so high? Over the course of a long period, we have seen that most of the losing traders have in common.

Here are the 3 biggest commonalities of more than 87% of traders who lose money. You see if you have anything like me.

1. Trading is based on luck rather than skill and practice

Loss-making traders, for the most part, rely on luck. Even after completing a trading order, they still have a sense of luck, not completely believing in their own decisions. This makes trading in their mind more like a gamble than a real-money job.

2. The ego is too big

Almost everyone has their own ego, but smart traders will know how to shrink it. Because it is the self-esteem, self-righteousness, not accepting oneself wrong and refusing to correct mistakes is a big reason for them to lose.

The ego is the nature of the trader for a long time, wanting to eliminate it requires a process of training and it is important that the trader knows to accept himself wrongly, accept himself and cannot predict the future of the market school. So in order to give up the ego, the first thing a trader should do is learn to accept being wrong.

3. Seek perfection instead of consistency

Trading does not have perfection because it is a game of high probability, win and lose. Many traders look for perfection in trading such as a holy grail, a sure-winning strategy, waiting for a perfect opportunity, etc. While trading consistency is what helps traders earn. Money in the long term is the goal that any trader should be aiming for. As long as a trader is looking for things like this, the ability to get consistency in trading will be very difficult.

4. Trading are hasty instead of the patient

Most traders also lose money because of impatience. Impatient in everything like in backtesting a strategy, or waiting for a trading opportunity, or when the strategy loses or has not yet taken profit. The impatience causes the trader to lose his calm and easily lose himself in psychology, making the decisions after that are mostly wrong.

To close a little bit 4 factors that loss traders focus on: trading based on luck, finding perfection, big ego, and haste in trading. Those who still exist these points should change their mindset, the trading results will also change.