1. Have a comfortable demo trade

Rarely are jobs or professions that allow you to practice as easily as trading.

You do not have to use real money to test, you just need to click a few clicks to get a demo account quickly to have real transactions.

Demo saves you a lot of money because you have trained your skills even if your trading account is just zero.

So, please take full advantage of this, practice trading carefully before you start sending real money to your account.

2. Great community, learn and share knowledge
A huge community makes it easy to connect to learn and share experiences and knowledge with other traders.

If you are a novice, you will quickly grasp the basics of the skills with the help of the previous trader.

If you are an experienced person, you will discover the strategies and tips of professional traders.

Right now, while reading these, you are in a trading community.

3. Easy access to knowledge treasure of trading websites

Trading documents are now much richer than they used to be. Trading websites are updating their knowledge on their pages every day.

You will find it easy to find content from basic to specialized in trading. The vast source of knowledge is definitely an advantage that not many professions have like trading.

However, having a lot of documents also has a downside. If you read too much material without doing enough practice, you might get confused.

The advice is:

You should both read and trade, so you can draw your own experience and know which knowledge is most suitable for you.

4. Freelance work

No one forces you to trade at what day or what time. You will be the only one to schedule yourself.

Trading is suitable for those who are looking for a freelance job in time, not confined to any one working time frame.

It does not mean that you are "completely free".

In fact, you still have to follow certain time rules, namely that each time frame of the day has a different effect on the market, you have to choose the appropriate time frame and stick to it every day. .

5. Trade anywhere

Today, trading platforms are available on mobile devices.

That means:

You can comfortably trade anywhere, as long as you have a smartphone or tablet and have an internet connection.

Lucky Trader is like that.

6. Unlimited capital sources
An extremely advantageous point of trading compared to other jobs is the unlimited trading of capital.

You may not need any coins to trade with the demo. You can also open a cent account to practice trading with very small amounts.

Trading does not force you to have much capital to trade.

However, in order for a trade to be profitable enough, you must have a similarly large capital,

7. Lots of good books and courses on trading

Another great thing about trading is that there are tons of great books and courses.

Because many experienced traders have written share books, this will be a very good source of trading knowledge for you.

8. Free trading tools

Most indicators, news calendars, trading platforms are free.

This means:

You do not have to worry about any costs incurred other than the capital you prepare to trade.

Feel free to experiment with hundreds of other indicators (in fact, a few dozen default indicators available on trading platforms are more than enough) for trading strategies.

9. Improve management skills and financial investment

Unless you see trading as a casino, this is a profession that will greatly improve your financial investment and management skills.

Over time, you will learn how to manage your risks and learn how to find investment opportunities.